Chilufya Tayali
Chilufya Tayali

Out of what I posted yesterday, a number of people demanded that I give my position on Wynter Kabimba and the 14 Million DBZ loan. Well, I owe no one politically to fail to talk about him/her if I know something. I will talk about Ba Wynter today and I will dwell on the DBZ loan on Sunday at a Press Briefing so that questions can be fired and I will give my answers. I hope Edgar Lungu can be doing this as well.


I am well aware that Fred M’membe is a very close friend of Wynter Kabimba but from my point of view the two are very different in the manner they carry themselves. I will talk about my perception of Fred M’membe very soon. I am not a judge of others but these are leaders of our nation and all of us must have a perception about them.


Make no mistake, Wynter is a very sharp man. He is also very ardent that you should not dismiss him for anything because he can shock you.
However, he does not inspire me as a political leader rather I would have him as a technocrat. He did so well as a Town clerk of Lusaka but failed lamentably as Justice Minister.


During Wynter Kabimba’s time the council was not as broke as it is today. But Wynter messed up the Constitution making process with his stubborn and egocentric attitude.
Wynter is not approachable because of his flamboyance and authoritarian exposition. The image of Wynter in my head is this powerful guy in dark glasses, walking among heavy weight bodyguards also in dark glasses.


At one point I tried to extend my ka hand to greet him at Magistrate but the bodyguards thwarted me away like a fly. Yes I may be of no importance but I wonder who would reach him with such security of threatening big men.


Socialism demands of people especially leaders to be very humble, tolerant, receptive and generous. In socialism you respect others as human beings and strive to give them dignity as your equals. But when Wynter was Minister and SG of PF, everybody had to jump when he walks in the room. You will know that Wynter has come by the convoy that accompanies him. You will notice Wynter in the room, even if you don’t know him, because of this big guy standing behind him.
When he once acted as President and he went to Mumbwa, I could not believe the security that accompanied him. That is not how a socialist leader move.


Wynter can also get drunk with power to intimidate everybody like he did when he was summoned by ACC. Instead of respecting the institution of the ACC, he spited the entire institution with such arrogance that I have never seen from a leader especially a Justice Minister himself. To-date Wynter has never apologized for what he did at ACC.



Ofcourse later he was cleared by a ACC but with the President reprimanding ACC, his own contemptuous stunt at ACC and public intimidations, giving ultimatums to the officers. That is not the kind of leadership I would wish for Zambia because he would turn into a small god. He would not respect others and most of all the poor who are the majority of this Country.
Anyway, I admire Rainbow Party in the manner it has been formed because it has an ideology I am not a socialist but a Philosist from the word Philos.


  1. From rapist to Philosist.Lol.Tayali makes alot of sense in his analysis.Very correct indid

  2. one thing i admire about TAYALI is that he hammers the nail on the head. he calls a spade, a spade. u always inspire me

  3. Oh Tayali, Tayali, Tayali you never cease to amaze me. Well, tell me why you are divorcing the cartel now? Is someone bed wetting?

  4. Tayali if you can’t beat them join then unlike making noise like an empty tin.