Lungu is promoting rape by pardoning General Kanene

General Kanene
General Kanene-Pic credit-zambia reports

Zambians have condemned the release of Clifford Dimba, well known as General Kanene from prison after barely serving a year in prison.


Yesterday, President Edgar Lungu pardoned Kanene, who was convicted of defiling an underage girl and sentenced to serve 18 years.

Kanene’s release has been described as a hinderance to the fight against gender based violence and rape.

Lutangu Wasilota wrote “Edgar please you are promoting defilement iwe mudala! ok pardon all those jailed for defilement. what is so special with kanene? just because he did that song for you and now you pardon him? zambia going to the dogs with pf in power”.

An angry, Myante Troy Sinkonde also said,” Just because you want him to campaign for you in 2016, President Lungu you don’t have to draw us back in the fight against GBV and Rape”.

Favour Kinga Chilengi said “There are many people  in the prison who are suffering for nothing, benangu banaba nkunku but bakali mu prison bt hm hu dfilled a young girl atiba muchosa nomupasa kapoto hell no thats rubish,,just bcoz he is famous and the likes,thats y coruption in zambia wil never end.Young girls out there be careful the beast is out”.


“People are applauding the release of guilty criminals. So wheres the justice for the girl that was defiled? Lungu can do no wrong in some of you idiots eyes,” said Enoch Mainza Hankombo.

However, President Lungu said he received a very good reference of the former incarcerated musician.

He  said prison authorities recommended to him to exercise clemency over Dimba.

The President has since urged Dimba to be an ambassador to speak against all forms of children and women abuse.

“I commission you to be a messenger fight against child and women abuse. Children and women are very much victims of abuse.” he said.


  1. People amaze me, masumba & mpombo were pardoned, they complained that the duo were pardoned coz they were politicians & that they wanted kanene out. now kanene is out they are still complaining.

  2. If someone can be pardon who has killed but y not kanene. Let us respect our President. I love kanene. Unless ur upnd.

  3. Jst because u ar out ,so don’t wat yo friend thiz freedom,go kanene show them that u ar transformed,pre-lungu that the heart because kanene is not frm kumawa but atonga ,u hav pardon him,u ar not tribe like otherz

  4. that is why mr SATA said all PF ministers are USELESS especially the minister of defence

  5. palipe naza rape apa justice has prevailed@defiilment munthu enzopezeka muvilimba banamudoda balema defilement.mulekeni kanene.

  6. Rape- ??,Defilement-??, may be adultery. Anyway,u r welcum mr GK nd big ups to th president.

  7. Kazikambani ine ninakamba dzulo! A Lungu Pitilizani ndi Mtima wabwino umenewo Munthu alibe pa bwino!

  8. Am not among those zambians who are complaining, Jesus fogave the woman whk was brouht and accused of committing aldultery.

  9. Why are these pipo complaining? Do they really have facts at hand? Let them go back to the courts then as talking shall not help them i any way. Chilipamubiyo mailo chilipaliiwe, i was listening to rrafio pheonix in the morning, where these guys were complaining like idiots is kenene the first person to be pardon what about those who havent been reported?

  10. George Mpombo emufumya vonse vili ziii,Masumba emufumya vili ziii,Muteteka lomba pano apa emu fumya vonse vili ziii. Maiko Zulu wa chamba pardoned vonse vili ziii. Uyu silu wa ndevu, his case was dropped mazo apa vonse vili ziii……….. Lomba Kanene amufumye vonse vili nyoooo,nyoooo…. Including vima NGO va njala. KUIPA MITIMA bati. Mulekeni Kanene abe, ni Pardon YANYOKO???????

  11. people are jst critisin jst 4 de sake of critisin,dats nosense.wth dis kind of mentarity we ar headin nwhre unless we change

  12. This president is not serious and lawlessness real talk those are high profile cases and now no protection for girls ,

  13. Pipo they differentiate between rape and defilement, defilement is were u have sex with someone who is below 16 years and u are above, rape is were u have sex with someone by force. Kanene he is not a rapist as other pipo may put it no.

  14. What promotion is he making? To hell you haters. The man is out. You shall never use courts to settle personal scores.

  15. How many murderers have been pardoned in Zambia? Did you ever say the President was promoting murder? Let’s be rational

  16. No way but just respecting human values, Edgar Lungu stand for unity and forgiviness chapwa