Tribalism a waste of time – Sikota

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VETERAN politician Sikota Wina says tribalism has no place in Zambia and has advised citizens to expend their energies on important national issues that promote unity.


Mr Wina, who was in Zambia’s first Cabinet in 1964, is disappointed that Zambians are spending so much time talking about tribalism after 50 years of independence.


He said this when he featured on the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) Sunday Interview programme.
“With so many universities around, it is disappointing that the young people are spending so much time discussing tribalism instead of discussing important national issues,” Mr Wina said.


He said it is disappointing that some individuals are using tribalism to get what they want.
Mr Wina is worried that the tribalism talk is taking so much of people’s time and it is getting out of hand.


“It is better for the young to preoccupy themselves with important issues and to advise Government on national issues.
“A person can have support from a particular group but that does not mean that everyone in that group is supporting them,” Mr Wina said.
He said tribal politics has not been as loud as it is now in Zambia’s history.
On those advocating secession, Mr Wina said debate on secession is not new to the country but that most Zambians want a unitary state.