“Whenever I cook chicken, hubby starts a fight so that he eats alone”


A 33-YEAR-OLD woman of Chelstone Extension shocked the Chelstone Local Court when she complained how stingy her husband was to a point of starting a fight with her whenever their meal consisted of chicken or beef so that he eat alone.


Doreen Zulu told senior court magistrate Ing’utu Mulenga that her husband, Bonnard Sivile, 36, was a stingy man who only wanted to enjoy good things alone.


“Once he starts up a fight, I would go outside the house with our three children leaving him to shamelessly enjoy the food,” Zulu said.
This was heard in a case in which Zulu sued Sivile, also of Chelstone Extension, for divorce. They got married in 2003 and have three children together. He, however, did not pay bride price.
Zulu also revealed how her husband physically and verbally abused her in the 11 years of their marriage.


“My husband turned me into a punching bag and he tells me that I am no longer attractive saying I am as ugly as cracked heels,” she said.
Zulu, who regretted moving in with Sivile before knowing him better, said she had at one time poured a bucket of urine at him when he boasted of enjoying having sex with prostitutes other than herself.


She told the court that the two do not share a bed adding that there are times he deliberately leaves his bed to urinate on her bed or even urinates in the presence of Zulu’s grandmother with the aim of embarrassing her.


Zulu said she tried to abandon her husband, whom she described as a savage, for some days hoping he would miss her but to no avail.
“Sivile is also irresponsible. He does not support his family and does not also pay for the children’s education fees,” she said.


Sivile, however, blamed his wife for their marriage breakage saying she is talkative and stubborn.
“My wife likes deserting me whenever I am out of employment and only joins me when I have a well-paying job,” he said.


Passing judgment, the court dismissed the claim saying the duo were just co-habiting as no bride price was paid.
The court also noted that Sivile’s behaviour was not good.
Zulu was ordered to sue for child support and her family was asked to sue for elopement and payment of damage.