“Hubby denied me sex for 2 years, I want a divorce”

Divorce Court

A 47-YEAR-OLD woman of Kitwe has pleaded with Bulangililo Local Court to grant her divorce from her husband of 27 years because he has denied her sex for two years.


Appearing before senior local magistrate Fredrick Njovu was Christine Namukondo, who sued Justine Masemu, 57, for divorce.
Namukondo said all was well in their marriage until her husband took on a second wife.


The two got married in 1988 and have no children.
“My husband denies me sex. He has a tendency of sleeping out for weeks or even months,” she said.


She told the court that her husband does not respect her to the extent of hurling insults at her in the presence of neighbours.
But Masemu told the court that he has been a caring husband recalling a time in 2004 when he gave her money to start up a business. She travelled to Lusaka to buy what she needed for her business but did not return when she was supposed to.


“She stopped picking my calls and only returned home three months later when I met her at Chisokone green market selling onions,” he said.
Masemu said he reconciled with his wife, who again left on a business trip only to return 10 months later.


“Someone told me that he saw my wife in Livingstone and I had to travel there to get her. I took her in again and told her about the other woman I took on as a wife and that she lives in Luangwa,” he said.
He said his wife did not want to share a bed with him because of the other woman.


Masemu told the court that he still loves his wife and does not want a divorce.
Magistrate Njovu adjourned the matter.