“Please don’t send me to jail, I have 10 children”….man begs court

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

THE Chingola Magistrate’s Court has sentenced a 42-year-old man of Chingola to three years imprisonment with hard labour for stealing 3,000 pan-bricks and 2,453 concrete blocks worth K12,812.


Appearing before magistrate Shadreck Chanda on Tuesday, Roma Kiyamba of house number A15, Chitembo Road in Chiwempala Site and Service, pleaded guilty to theft.
Particulars of the offence are that between March 27 and April 17, this year, Kiyamba stole 3,000 pan-bricks and 2,453 concrete blocks from Davies Kakengela’s plot in Chiwempala.


In mitigation, Kiyamba asked the court not to send him to prison because his business would suffer.
“Your Honour, I have three companies so my business will go down and I have 10 children. I also take care of orphans and I am a student at Lusaka University.


But magistrate Chanda said he had considered what the accused said in court, and observed that he was not forthright about what happened on the day in question.


“You had the opportunity to redress the situation, but you failed to do so. You knew what you did as an individual, but what came to surface was given to us by witnesses.
“What will your children learn from you? I therefore sentence you to 36 months imprisonment with hard labour. Criminals have to be sent to jail so that they live a fearful life,” Mr Chanda said.