UPND Vice president in-charge of Politics Dr. Canisius Banda
UPND Vice president in-charge of Politics Dr. Canisius Banda

The just ended Mulobezi by- election is a governance scandal.
No blood ought to be shed over elections. What is happening just shows that the leadership of this country is not in support of promoting democracy.


However, we must continue to call for national unity and peace, and the improvement of the practitioners of democracy themselves so that in the end democracy delivers to the people their aspirations. For now, our democracy and practice of it are veritably inimical to the interests of citizens.



Nonetheless, the struggle must continue!
Overall, marginal gains were made by the UPND. All our supporters and members should be saluted and must remain strong and focused. They must keep their eyes on the ball. Soon, victory on a grand scale, will come.


But the biggest loser in all these elections is Zambia and its citizens!
The just ended by- election results show a classical case of the folly of democracy.
Zambia has just been ranked as the poorest country in the world.
To illustrate this ranking, food is unaffordable, safe and clean water remain inaccessible for over half of the population, wasting and stunting of our children are worsening, agriculture has collapsed, the Kwacha is worthless, education is failing, health facilities are helpless.


A functional democracy is supposed to be corrective by being sensitive and responsive to these dangerous ills but ours is not.
Instead our version and practice of democracy maintains and thrives on this same corruption and subsequently worsens it.
We must all learn.
UPND Vice President


  1. When are you shaving? Politics is no practicing medicine boy. It’s a different ball game all together

  2. Kababa ka loss,3-0 yakalipa nomba eish sorry guyz we know you ba upnd you always cry the loudest & always raise false alarms,