Zambia will pay for the 21 year absence in aviation industry

Zambia Airways
Zambia Airways

An aviation expert says establishing a new national airline following the demise of Zambia Airways is a good idea because of Zambia’s central location.

Jacob Chisela however says Zambia will pay a cost for the 21 year absence in the aviation industry.

Mr. Chisela further says Government subsidies are always necessary in running an airline.

He was speaking in Lusaka on Tuesday at the Economics Association of Zambia -EAZ-discussion forum dubbed the reflection of Zambia Airways; lessons learnt from the past and reflections for the future.

And Mr. Chisela notes that the closure of Zambia Airways was the most painful thing in the history of the Country’s aviation industry.

He notes that the closure was done haphazardly even though the national airline was facing challenges.

Mr. Chisela says the airline was a symbol of national identity to the rest of the world.

He says Countries that learnt flying from Zambia are now performing much better adding that they are making profits in Zambia.