Tayali dares RB

Rupiah Bwezani Banda RB
Rupiah Bwezani Banda RB

Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali has maintained that former President Rupiah Banda is corrupt despite being cleared of the charge of Abuse of Authority of Office by the Lusaka Magistrate court.


Mr. Tayali says he will be very happy for Mr. Banda to sue him for defamation because it will in fact be a big favour to him.

He says by adopting a no case to answer submission, Magistrate Joshua Banda in his ruling mislead himself because he believes Mr. Banda allegedly abused his powers as Head of State in relation to the Nigerian oil deal.


Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka this morning, Mr. Tayali who has encouraged the State to appeal against the Magistrate court’s ruling, has indicated his readiness present his facts before the court to prove his case against Mr. Banda.


Asked whether he has read the entire ruling of the Magistrate Court, Mr. Tayali has told journalists that he has not read the ruling, but is relying on the facts that were submitted by the State before the court.


He says his conviction that Mr. Banda should have been put on his defense is also evidenced by the fact that the former President cried after the ruling was delivered in his favour on Monday.


Mr Tayali believes the former Head of State shade tears because he did not believe that despite the overwhelming evidence against him, the ruling was made in his favor.

And Mr. Tayali has called on President Edgar Lungu to address the nation through a press conference on where he is taking the country.


He says he is concerned that President Lungu has not addressed the nation in five months.



  1. First of all, who is this chap called tayali? tayaliko nangu shani? for him to disagree with court rule? u see thats why he is not even a local court judge. can he bring evidence instead of barking like a wild dog in the media?

  2. Am surprised why Tayali is not asking the state to appeal his aquital and feels vindicated by our courts and thinks contrary in RB’s case.