HH blames poor leadership for failure to exploit Zambia’s potential

Richard Kapita, HH, Hichilema
Richard Kapita, HH, Hichilema

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema says while Zambia is endowed with plenty of natural resource wealth, the country lacks the leadership that can harness this into economic activities that create jobs and opportunities for Zambian citizens.


In his weekly policy issue, Mr Hichilema says if only the country had a leadership with a vision,the potential that it possesses would be exploited for the benefit of all people.Hakainde
He notes that God has blessed Zambia with vast natural resources and fertile soils, a young population with huge potential, and the country is well positioned in the region to take advantage of the various opportunities to trade with its neighbours.


Mr Hichilema says the UPND in government will enforce available legislation to protect the country’s natural resources and where that is inadequate, in conformity with international norms pass new bills.
He says it is pointless to sign on international conventions that are not domesticated by translating them into law.
Mr Hichilema states that the UPND will build capacity and demand accountability from government agencies such as the Zambia Wildlife Authority, Department of Forestry, Department of Fisheries and others.


He notes that the many challenges the country faces are not insurmountable, but the crisis is in the leadership and a lack of political will.