Choma man commits incest on Valentines Day

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

A 55-YEAR-OLD man of Choma has pleaded guilty to having carnal knowledge of his 12-year-old biological daughter on Valentine’s Day.
In this case, Audrick Mark Sikaanga, a farmer of Siakaceka village in Batoka area, is charged with incest.


Particulars are that Sikaanga , on February 14, this year, in Choma, had carnal knowledge of a girl, who is his daughter.
When the matter came up before chief resident magistrate Willie Sinyangwe on Friday, Sikaanga admitted the charge.


“Inzya, ndaka ona awalo no bami (Yes, I had carnal knowledge of her, your honour,” Sikaanga told the court in Tonga.
Asked whether he knew that the juvenile was his biological daughter at the time he allegedly committed the offence, Sikaanga replied in the affirmative.


Mr Sinyangwe then recorded a guilty plea and adjourned the matter to July 2 for written facts.
In the same court, trial in a matter where a Choma man aged 45 is accused of having carnal knowledge of his 11-year-old daughter on three occasions, failed to take place because the accused is ill.
In this case, Francis Machaliso of Kamunza township is charged with incest.


It is alleged that Machaliso, between February 1 and August 20, last year, in Choma, had carnal knowledge of his daughter.
When the matter came up, the prosecution informed the court that the accused, who is remanded in custody, is unwell.
“Your honour, the accused person is unwell and has been taken to the hospital to seek medical attention,” public prosecutor Coilard Sikwalulwa informed the court.
The matter was adjourned to August 21 this year for continuation of trial.