Rupiah Banda, RB acquitted

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu greets former President Rupiah Banda during Labour Day celebrations at the Freedom Statue in Lusaka on May 1,2015 -Picture by EDDIE MWANALEZA
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu greets former President Rupiah Banda during Labour Day celebrations at the Freedom Statue in Lusaka on May 1,2015 -Picture by EDDIE MWANALEZA

Former President Rupiah Banda has been acquitted of the charge of abuse of authority of office in an oil deal involving a Nigerian company.


It is alleged that between May 1, 2008 and September 24, 2011,Mr Banda, being a person employed in the public service, namely President of the Republic of Zambia, did abuse the authority of his office by allegedly procuring a Nigerian government-to-government oil contract in the name of the Republic of Zambia but did not benefit the Zambian people.

Delivering this afternoon Principal Magistrate Joshua Banda adopted the submission by the defence of no case to answer.




Magistrate Banda said the State failed to provide essential elements on the charge upon which they wanted the former President to be prosecuted, and therefore found no merit in their submission.

He further said the State failed to prove that there was arbitrariness in the alleged act by the former President.

Magistrate Banda has since granted the State leave to appeal.


And former President Rupiah Banda said his acquittal shows that vindictiveness does not pay.

He adds that this also proves that the Zambian courts can be relied upon to deliver justice.

The former President has thanked his supporters for standing with him throughout court process.


And one of his lawyers Sakwiba Sikota says the acquittal of his client has shown the case was a witch-hunt.

He has since stated that whoever will call Mr Banda a corrupt following today’s ruling will be liable for defamation.


Meanwhile there was jubilation among Mr Banda’s supporters when the court announced its verdict.




  1. Ala! Ukugeta icinsenda Kumuchiken kusoftener. E. L balepaule. Dull people who are taught by the situation. That’s why we tell you that the wise come from the East. If you know history very well, when Mwanawasa died, ba R B cried so much. When he was given that two years to finish Levy’ s term, it became his time to comcerntrate on his tammy. When Chilu also died,E L cried cried. The two gentlemen from my home province have one thing in common. They pretended that they weren’t interested in plot Oscar November Eco but deep down their hearts they were very interested. Friends that crying wasn’t real. My friend ukwa in Nigeria call it ‘colocodile tears.’ Some of you to ma bemba charps when I told you that those weren’t good for that position, you insisted that they were the best. Shutup bamalinso! Just enjoy this no since.

  2. the result wieght sucks. we spend money persecuting politicians. I hope this is the last.

  3. That’s what is on the ground? O shame! Shame nd shame i tell you. What? Acquital? No. There is no justice there, what justice? Shame. Innocent pipo are behind bars, some undergoing persecution while crimals nd thieves rejoice. What is justice then? Lesa somone twacula.

  4. Jst becoz they have made band wth president Lungu,its nt fair no more PF next year,term #HH_4_REAL

  5. When this confused government of pf and its minions were told that this case against Rupia Bwezani ‘dziko pansi’ Banda was non starter,they refused en in their usual dull way of doin thins went ahead at the expense ov wastin tim en resources.Today they ar praisin the same man they claimed was corrupt.SHAME!

  6. Why can’t you appeal against the judgement? Let’s not celebrate in wrong things, but I fail to understand that even when you knew that that’s how the judgement was going to go, no one complained. Sour grapes

  7. Da hiphop comunity is pissed about belive we gon make a song bout it

  8. it is not yet over this case will be reviewed next year when the non corrupt judicially will be in place. nothing to celebrate.

  9. Nix abena, ata ni court ! The oil was paid for and YES it wasn’t delivered. Therez such proof. What other proof does the court want ?

  10. and those emotional Zambians will start crying foul,take a chill pill and go to law school….it’s that simple!

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