72 families thrown out of ANC flats

homeless in Lusaka
homeless in Lusaka

At least 72 families have been evicted from former African National Congress – ANC flats in Lusaka’s Villa Elizabeth area.

Bailiffs pounced on the families after the flat were purportedly sold.

A check by ZNBC news at the flats found families on Mwai road in protest against the eviction.

One of the tenants Towela Chipeta says the tenants are not ready to move as they suspect corruption in the procurement of the flats.



  1. No comments on these 72 families that have been evicted but when Kaseba voluntarily left the reedbuck lodge with day’s before her contract came to the end the papers and all her sympathisers went mad. How are go then going to handle this issue cause looking at these guys the don’t seem to have mother’s in kabwata to go and stay till government find them accommodation. We are all equal in the eyes of the Lord regardless of one’s status in society.