Nevers Mumba castigates PF

nevers mumba
nevers mumba

MMD President Nevers Mumba says he finds it difficult to understand why the ruling PF is wasting time and resources to buy cadres from other political parties in the hope of purchasing popularity.
Dr. Mumba recalls that the MMD tried this same strategy ahead of the 2011 General Elections but they terribly lost to the PF.
Dr. Mumba says the people of Zambia are not sleeping and they will vote on merit come 2016.

He says the PF administration should be empowering the local people and not buying them in the name of increasing numbers to the ruling party.
The MMD leader says this old type of politics is an admission of political party’s bankruptcy and lack of natural appeal to attract support based on how well the party meets the needs of the people.

Dr. Mumba furthermore states that the way the PF is going is most injurious only to themselves.
He says Zambians need a government that shall respect them and not treat them like merchandise to be bought for personal consumption.



  1. jst becozi they want to kick you out MMD,yo voice is now increasing the volume eeeh!!!