UNZA Medical student committs suicide

UNZA mourns Michael SataOct 29th 2014 in Pictures

A third Year Student in the School of Medicine at the University of Zambia has allegedly committed suicide.

Ladoka Matonga drunk boom detergent paste after dissolving it in water and later died.

Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga confirmed the incident to Tv2 News in a telephone interview.


Mrs Katanga says the incident happened around 1920 Hours on Thursday.

She however says Police are investigating the matter, but preliminary investigations dictate that the case as a suicide.

And The University of Zambia and Allied Workers Union – UNZAAWU- members have downed tools demanding for the resignation of the Vice-Chancellor, Registrar, Librarian and the Bursar.

The resolution was reached during the members’ general meeting held at the University of Zambia.


The Union members have accused the named officers of breach of the agreed code of conduct on the disbursement of contractual obligations.

Among the other things the Union members are demanding for the negotiations for the 2015 collective agreement to start and that all contractual obligations must be paid immediately.


The Union has threatened to take further action if their demands are NOT met.

This is contained in a press release made available to Tv2 by UNZAAWU General Secretary Saul Mishiba.




  1. lol when black berry came to zambia every one became a journalist. Naw false reporting

  2. Which sch of medine are you talking about,am at ridgeway and there is nothing like that. Report accurately,its sch of humanities