Police deny using force to disperse Ngoni meeting

Esther Mwaata
Esther Mwaata

The Zambia Police has dispelled media reports suggesting it used tear gas to disperse Ngonis who had gathered for meeting in Chipangali which was to be addressed by Paramount Chief Mpezeni.

Acting Police Spokesperson Esther Mwaata-Katongo in a statement to Qfm News says contrary to what has been reported, the truth of the matter is that the Police did not at anytime discharge tear gas or use force against any person at that intended meeting.


Ms Katongo says Police received information that there was a likelihood of violence erupting during the meeting, which prompted the officers to advise the people who had gathered to leave the premises without the use of teargas or force.

She states that these facts can be verified from the school authorities at Dwankozi Secondary School which was the venue of the intended meeting or from people in surrounding areas.


Ms Katongo has however urged the general public to notify the police whenever they want to hold a public meeting or procession.

She explains that this is not aimed at stopping the holding of such meetings or processions but rather is a requirement under the Public Order Act Chapter 113 of the laws of Zambia which is a regulatory law for holding such events.