Man jailed for stealing 2 bibles & Amarula from Shoprite

What the Bible Says About Money
What the Bible Says About Money

A-30-YEAR-OLD man who stole two Bibles and Amarula beer from Shoprite has been jailed for six months with hard labour by the Livingstone Magistrate’s Court.
After sentencing the accused, Livingstone resident magistrate Chinkashi Chilingala, gave him a brand new Bible and some religious books to help him reflect on his life while in prison.
This is in a case in which Mike Zulu, of house number 148, Zambezi Sawmills in Livingstone was charged with theft.
It is alleged that on June 9, this year, in Livingstone, Zulu stole one bottle of Amarula and two Bibles, altogether valued at K250, from Shoprite Checkers.
In mitigation, Zulu asked for leniency because he was sorry for his actions.
In passing sentencing, magistrate Chilingala offered to buy a Bible and some books for the convicts so that he could reflect on his actions.
“I wonder why young people in Livingstone want to live in luxury at the expense of stealing. You should learn to work hard,” he said.
The magistrate then sent an officer to go and buy the convict a Bible so that he could go with it to prison.
He said the Bible would help Zulu to reflect on his life while at Livingstone Central Prison.
“I will send you to prison for six months with hard labour so that you can reflect on your actions. You are also reminded of your rights to appeal to the high court with 14 days of the sentence, if you are not happy with both my sentence and conviction,” he said.