Father 43 admits sharing bed with daughter 16, says it was for her protection

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The Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) in Kalulushi District is investigating a case in which a 43- year-old man has allegedly been sharing the same bed with his 16- year-old daughter for over a year.


Copperbelt YWCA Chairperson Sharon Chisanga told ZANIS in an interview today that the man had been sharing the same bed with his daughter, but denied that he had been defiling her.


Mrs. Chisanga said the girl was being counselled by the YWCA so that she could narrate what has been happening over the past one and half years that she has allegedly been sharing a bed with her father.


She complained that a normal male parent could not be sharing the same bed with his 16 -year-old daughter even if there was a shortage of bed space in the house.


Mrs. Chisanga explained that the father insisted that he decided to be sharing the same bed for protection as he never wanted his child to be going out in the night.


The YWCA region chairperson lamented that the issue of abuse of children by biological fathers in Kalulushi district is reportedly on the increase of late.


She called on the police to investigate such cases and bring perpetrators to book.

Mrs. Chisanga said there was no way a father could use the same bed with his daughter and claim not to defile the girl adding that reports indicate that they had been using different blankets.


She noted that parents and community elders were supposed to give moral guidance but not them to be sleeping with their own children.