PF party elections breed in-fighting

Machete Wielding PF cadres
Machete Wielding PF cadres

Kaoma District Patriotic Front (PF) Youth chairperson, Du shefu Mbandu has accused the party’s District chairman George Chisani and his supporters for allegedly misappropriating funds meant for election campaigns in the area during the January 20, 2015 Presidential by – election.

In a press statement made available to ZANIS in Kaoma today, Mr Mbandu complained that there was no consensus on how to utilize the K50,000 released for the elections despite being advised on several occasions to conduct a presidential by – election post mortem.

Mr Mbandu claimed that the in-fighting that has allegedly rocked the party in Kaoma district has caused the PF party elections in Kaoma central constituency to be postponed three times now with no tangible results.

He further claimed that 24 district members have imposed themselves in running the party affairs without the knowledge of the 21 elected members in the district.

Mr Mbandu complained that well-wishers have been donating money towards the party for the on-going elections at the ward, constituency and district levels but that the chairman (Chisani) and others were claiming that the monies were coming from their coffers.

He also complained that the in-fighting among the top PF officials in Kaoma district has even caused some of the PF polling agents not to be paid their allowances.

Mr Mbandu said recently party officials were assigned to conduct ward elections in Kalumwange and Lunyanti in Kaoma central constituency which flopped as people at the venues were not paid their meal allowances.

He said members were finding it difficult to organize the party in the area citing poor coordination among PF officials leading the party adding that the party members in Kaoma are divided with one group led by district political secretary Chingi Kabindama while the other team is led by PF chairman George Chisani .

But when contacted, Kaoma district PF Chairman George Chisani said he will issue a statement after consulting the PF Secretary General Davies Chama in Lusaka.