Court rebukes mother in-law for causing confusion in son’s marriage

Lusaka High Court

THE Kitwe Local Court has admonished a woman for causing confusion in her son’s marriage.
And the court refused to grant divorce to the woman’s son but has instead asked the two families to find traditional counsellors for the couple.
This is in a case in which Ben Mwanza sued his wife, Lindiwe Mukuni, for divorce on grounds that there was no peace in their marriage.
The couple got married in 2012 and have a daughter together.
Mwanza told the court that he wanted to divorce his wife because she had no respect for his parents and had too many boyfriends.
He narrated that his wife once left their matrimonial home and allegedly started living with a man.
But Mukuni denied the allegations and told the court that her in-laws were the source of problems in their marriage.
She said Mwanza was fond of listening to whatever his mother or sisters told him.
“Even when they fabricate stories against me, he does not bother to verify. He believes everything they say,” Mukuni said.
Senior local court magistrates Jonas Mwaba, Zaccheas Katongo and Boas Chibwe castigated Mwanza’s mother, who was present in court, for causing confusion in her son’s marriage.
This was after she told the court that she supported her son’s intention to divorce because her daughter-in-law does not go to her house to cook or clean when she falls sick.
The court also admonished Mwanza’s sister, aged 20, who reported that her sister-in-law had a boyfriend after she saw Mukuni talking to a man at the market.
The two families were ordered to sit down together and find traditional counsellors for both Mwanza and Mukuni.
In addition, the court urged the two families to furnish it with a report on the matter, on July 30.
“We will not dissolve this marriage because there are no serious grounds to do so,” one of the justices said.