Foreign truck loaded with Mukula abandoned

Mukula tree timber
Mukula tree timber

Police in  Isoka  District of Muchinga province have launched  a man hunt  for two suspected foreigners  who abandoned a truck loaded with  Mukula logs.

The police carried an operation  on June 5, 2015 around 02:00 hours to stop the illegal Mukula harvest  from Katyetye’s  chiefdom .

The police explained that   Illegal Mukula  harvesting and trading is  on an increase in Isoka district  and later transported to foreign countries such as Tanzania.


They told ZANIS that heavy cutting down of  Mukula tree is taking place in chief Katyetye’s  area  where people use axes and sharp blade  machinery  to harvest the  logs.

Police  further revealed that  a truck load  carrying  a foreign number plate   T 288 BSJ  and trailer number   T533 Bsc  was abandoned in the bush  between  Chilanga and Ntipo  areas .


And a ZANIS news crew survey  carried out in Katyetye  chiefdom  revealed that about  1000x 2.5 meters of Mukula logs that were packed in various  loading bays in the area have  gone  missing in unclear circumstances.

Mukula tree  has become very marketable  to  reach a status  of a  Green Gold  in Zambia and is harvested  from mountainous places.

Meanwhile, police  managed to  driver the abandoned Tanzanian truck  to Isoka  police station.