Twin Palm mall robbery, Police recover car, empty cash boxes

Police gun robber
Police gun robber

Police have recovered a vehicle and empty cash boxes from Monday’s Twin Palm Shopping mall robbery, that resulted in the shooting to death of two suspects.

Lusaka Province Police Commissioner, Charity Katanga has told TV 2 news that the vehicle and the cash boxes were found abandoned in Chelstone area.


Meanwhile, Ms Katanga says one of the criminals shot dead during the robbery has been identified as Willy Palabana 35, of Chaisa compound.

At least 337-thousand Kwacha was stolen yesterday in an aggravated robbery staged by four criminals at Twin Palm Shopping mall.

The robbery also resulted in the shooting and injury of two civilians.



  1. The police busy persuing #Pilato uwa kaele leaving robbers escape with such large sum of money…… PF police for u…. Sata: Abo bene ba kapokola e mpupu ishikalamba isha kuyaikata umwaice #pilato ku mulandu wa ka lwimbo fye… Come 2016….. #freepilato

  2. the question our defence force should be asking them selves is were are the criminals getting GUNS from,CHARITY KATANGA should be inspecting her police officers when it comes to guns,cause thieves can not get into a police office and get guns,probe the police please!!!!!!!!!!! there is no smoke without fire…

  3. Katanga do not just be a pf cadre,promote the brave police shot dead the two criminals and stop selling yourself through issuing of statements,you are not a spokes person to the police