Inspirational story by Pastor Charles Chanda.


There once lived a lady that was a single parent with two children, a boy and a girl. She lived with neighbours who were happily married, Her two children used to see their friends going out with their parents and at times watched them playing.

The youngest child of the lady was the boy and one day asked her why his dad was not coming from work. The reason he asked was because the friend’s dad used to come back from work and the friends would run to meet him.

The lady did not know what to tell the boy. One day the lady was visited by her new boy friend and she told her children that he was uncle Richard. Uncle Richard and the lady disappeared for about an hour within the house and then appeared again.

Uncle Richard eventually left and the boy asked the mother why uncle Richard was hiding and why he has gone because he wanted to play with him since his dad is not coming back from work?



The lady had no answers for her son and was now regretting why she had kids without getting married. One day the boy told the mother that he wanted to live with the neighbour so that he can have the friend’s father as his father.

Many people do not think of the trauma they cause to kids that live without father and mother under the same roof. Before you decide to became a parent, think for the baby first and not just the pleasure of making that kind.

Yes you may enjoy and have fun but the product will be deprived of that joy. Before you you think of divorcing, think about the kids first.


Yes you may want to opt out because of what your spouse could have done but do you realise the permanent damage you will cause to those innocent children. People who odt for divorce are the most selfish creatures on earth and God never grants peace as long as they live.

Single parents that are ladies, alaways remember that your new boyfriend is first interested in playing with you and not another man’s kids. Learn and avoid pleasure that will bear pain for others,


  1. I think it all depends really, it aint a ‘one size fits all’ kinda thing. There are times people get married and all is well but along the way either partner changes or their true colours come out. If one realises that their partner will clearly not change, the best thing is to opt out. I do not think it is right to stay in a marriage that is not working all in the name of the children, when u as a parent is unhappy, even the kids get affected in such an unhappy environment. Some people have lost their lives all because of sticking around for the kids. Secondly, wrong though premarital sex is, fact is people do indulge and have kids out of wedlock. However, that in itself should not be a basis for marriage, some people have married because of a child being born but later on realised they do not love their partner and merely did it for the sake of the child. I believe one can still be a good father even if they are not married to or are together with their kids’ mothers. There are married men who are totally IRESPONSIBLE over their own kids whom they live with under the same roof, so it also depends on character of a person. As for single mums, the solution is to conduct oneself in a worthy manner bearing in mind that their kids look up to them as role models. Secondly it is important to seek God for the right man who will love the kids. So bottom line, I think it depends.

  2. So what would you say in cases where a father has passed on and a mother is raising kids on her own as a single parent?