CHIEF Kabamba dissolves 10 child marriages

street children and young people in Zambia
street children and young people in Zambia

CHIEF Kabamba of the Lala people of Serenje has dissolved 10 child marriages and taken the girls back to school.
The traditional leader said the young girls, who are from Teta Primary School, are between the ages of 11 and 16.
And to ensure that the girls are in school and to also monitor them, the traditional leader said he receives monthly reports from his councillors on their (girls) progress.

In an interview, Chief Kabamba said in his quest to stamp out the vice, he has also punished parents of the children to do community service by tilling a field, mulima cipuba (a field used to punish offending subjects).
He said that is not the only punitive measure he has instituted but that he has also ordered the parents of the girls to pay back the hefty bride price.


Zambia Daily Mail