Zambian clubber ‘punched rape victim to shut her up’ in Cathedral alleyway

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A ZAMBIAN clubber raped a teenager in a Chelmsford cathedral alleyway and punched her when she refused to shut up, a court heard this week.

Loveday Mumbuluma, who had been dancing and kissing the woman in The Loop bar nearby, allegedly left the girl “hysterical”, crying and covered in bruising.


The 21-year-old, of Halcot Avenue, Bexleyheath, Kent, but formerly from Norwich and Chelmsford, took to the dock at his Chelmsford Crown Court trial this week accused of rape.

“She believes she was punched two or three times while all the time saying ‘leave me alone, just get away from me’,” said prosecutor Nicola May, opening the case on Tuesday.


“We say this incident amounted to rape because the defendant had sexual intercourse with her when she was clearly not consenting.”

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had dined at Nando’s on Saturday, September 7, 2013, when she decided to meet her friend at Siam Cottage in Moulsham Street before hitting the town.


She was texting Mumbuluma, who she had had sex with the previous Friday, and the two bumped into each other outside the toilets at Chicago’s nightclub.

The court heard the pair, both 19 at the time, again bumped into each in The Loop, in Tindal Square, at about 2.30am on the Sunday before dancing together and kissing.


Ms May says that the woman then told Mumbuluma, who she knew as Junior, she wanted to catch a taxi home after her friend disappeared.

“But the defendant seemed to have other plans in mind because he said to her ‘you’re coming back to mine’,” added Ms May, who said the woman explained she was on her period.


Ms May, who said the two walked towards the Duke Street bus stop by the cathedral, continued: “Her next recollection is being pulled by the defendant, and she doesn’t know how she came to be on the floor, but she was on the floor and she remembers immediately saying ‘stop, get off me, no I want to go home’ and again indicating, ‘I’m on my period’ but the response from the defendant was to ignore her.

“She was shouting her protestations and remembers the defendant saying to her ‘shut the **** up, shut the **** up’ and ‘you like it like that’.”

Ms May said she was pinned down on her back in an adjoining alleyway before he had sex with her without contraception.

Ms May said the woman tried but failed to send text messages, reading simply ‘help’, during the incident.

It allegedly concluded when she told Mumbuluma ‘I won’t tell anyone, just get off me’.

“She remembers being hysterical and crying,” said Ms May.

In her video interview with police, shown to jurors this week, Ms May said the woman ran away before coming across two men, who insisted on taking her to the police station. A female officer later visited her at the scene.

“Right from the very start she stated, ‘I had sex with him before but I told him I didn’t want to’, that things got out of hand, that ‘he punched me in the face’,” said Ms May.

The court heard she had bruising on the right side of her face and her right leg, had swelling and dried blood around her mouth, swelling to her nose, and traces of mud and leaves in her hair.

The court heard, however, that Mumbuluma, who was once on the books at Chelmsford City FC and had a call-up to the Zambia U20 squad, handed himself in to the police.

The court he told police the incident was “completely consensual”, was initiated by the woman and that she voluntarily undid his trousers and lay on the ground.

Mumbuluma denies rape. The trial continues.