9 jailed for holding meeting without notifying police

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

KITWE magistrate Lenard Tembo has sentenced nine men to six months imprisonment each with hard labour for holding a meeting without notifying police.
However, magistrate Tembo, who passed the verdict on Monday, suspended each of the sentences on condition that the nine convicts do not commit similar offences within six months.
This came to light in a case where Benson Chiweleni, 62, Alick Simfukwe, 50, Mickson Sakachima, 50, Anel Chilufya, 49, James Mabula, 42, Philip Kalonda, 42, John Makungu, 38,Kosam Mulubwe, 35, and Stanley Kabamba, 34, all of Kawama in Kitwe, pleaded guilty to holding unlawful assemblies.
Particulars are that on April 17 this year, the nine, jointly and whilst acting together, convened a meeting without authorisation.
“I am satisfied that the facts before me have disclosed the offence charged and on your own plea of guilty, I find all of you guilty as charged and convict you accordingly.
“I sentence all of you to six months imprisonment with hard labour but I have suspended the sentence to six months on condition that you do not commit a similar offence,” he said.
Facts before the court were that on the material day, around 16:00 hours, four police officers were informed that the now convicts had gathered at a community school.
The court heard that the suspects were asked if they had permission but they answered in the negative.
Later the matter was reported to the police where the nine were charged and arrested for the subject offence.