Cops probe musician Pilato


POLICE in Lusaka have instituted investigations into the alleged defamation of the President by musician Chama Fumba, alias Pilato, and have recorded statements from four complainants.
And the Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) has advised artistes to respect the presidency.
Lusaka Province commissioner of police Charity Katanga said in an interview yesterday that police are investigating the matter and assured that they will get to its root.
By press time, Ms Katanga said police had recorded four statements and members of the public were still going to file complaints at various police stations.

“Currently, we have recorded three statements and I have just been informed that another member of the public is making a similar complaint at Chilenje Police Station,” Ms Katanga said.

Pilato – Tabalanda Sana Video

Ms. Katanga has noted that artists have the right to sing songs but they should be responsible and ensure that their songs do not bring disorder and disunity in the country.


She said the first statement was recorded from Patriotic Front (PF) provincial secretary Maximo Kakumba, 36, of Lusaka’s Garden township.Ms Katanga said Mr Kakumba complained to the police about Pilato’s song and an article in the Post newspaper edition of May 30, 2015 under the headline: “Pilato’s song excites Lungu’s critics”.
“He complained that the article is demeaning to the head of state and also about Pilato’s song, which he produced before the police,” she said.
Ms Katanga said Mr Kakumba told the police that the song by Pilato is allegedly targeted at President Lungu, which is disrespectful and has brought the name of the head of state into disrepute.

Ms Katanga said Mr Kakumba’s statement was recorded yesterday at Lusaka Central Police Station around 10:00 hours.
And ZAM secretary-general Gloria Kabongo said in a separate interview yesterday that artists should be mindful when making reference to the President.
“We should be mindful of what we sing about. Even when we express ourselves, we should do it within the confines of the law.



New latest song from Zambian musician Pilato titled Alungu Anabwela. This song described the current political situation in Zambia.

“The presidency is the highest office of our land, hence the need to respect the office-holder,” she said.
Ms Kabongo advised artists to desist from singing about the President in a demeaning and insulting manner.
She said Zambian artists are lucky because they go scot-free whenever they insult the President.

Ms Kabongo said this does not happen in other countries.
And Evangelical Youth Alliance International (EYAI) president Moses Lungu has called on President Lungu to take legal action against Pilato.
He said relevant authorities should ban Pilato’s song because it is a bad song that should not be given airplay.


Reverend Lungu called on the police to take action against the musician because his behaviour is unacceptable.
And MMD national youth chairperson Bowman Lusambo said that the youth are disappointed with Pilato.
“Though some people are saying that he is an artist and should be allowed to express himself, the song he has sung demeans the President,” he said.
Mr Lusambo said it is unfortunate that Pilato keeps mentioning President Lungu and the MMD in a disrespectful manner in his song.




  2. That’s self destruction on your part Pilato. I don’t think your songs will be heard on the national radio airwaves. You have made a noun negatively and whoever is supporting your freedom of speech is insane. You should have limits ugly looking idiot.

  3. wow! who doesnt knw that our president is a drunkad,?lets stop flamin HH,some of us say he’ll neva rule thiz country,are we the only one that votes?afta all we are only allowed to vote once and some of us dont even have a voter’s card

  4. U guys saying the truth blaa blaa! r u sure you saw those jamesons in tht suitcase? any way remain with yo pilato,while someone is busy comisioning roads…

  5. during mmd’s period ba pf members they all supported impi’s bantalamisoka inshitayakusala ngayapalama but nw during ba pf it an offence dats ridiculous free pilato..that’s why i would rather vote myself than ba lungu.

  6. All those supporting satire that is clearly showing who it is aimed at are like Headless Chickens. Non of you would even dare doing what this Pilato guy is doing.. Ala, Ifimi twe.

  7. i wonder y some pipo keep saying pilato shud be dealt with. isnt ther a ryt of opinion and free expression in zambia??? i have seen alot of vidios and heard alot of songs which americans wud do abt obama bt i havent heard anyoneone had been arrested for such comics. truth is truth lungu be mature and accept the fact!!!

  8. Wat truth is there u pipo first wat does the president did to hm don’t be coat in a nest of fools unless if u r one of them the guy is a fool so birds of the same feathers flow together y u hate someone who doesn’t provide for u y waste yo tym energy on someone whoz not yo relative pilato shud learn to respect elders president Lungu is leader now I see hw many enemies he has but he’s a strong man they fought hm before he over came them they fight hm now he will shame the coz God is with him hes a humble man but the fools will owz talk ill abt hm while he moves on he’s got money they r starving instead of work they r busy condemning Lungu remember wat u do to others will also happen to u so careful they say today u laugh at me tomorrow I laugh at u

  9. Mwebachushi imyeni amaboko tumipende tulange nobuteko.. ishi mwenemo umulandu muli uyumunto PULU PIIILAAAATOOO!!!

  10. Elo achosa inangu ka lolest ati TABALANDA SAANA PANTU BALEKATA. if u need it watsap me pa 0961549304 ilibad

  11. pilato has the right to speak his mind, also is president lungu has the right to take to court if he fills defamed….. same times be the master of your own silence than being a slave of your own words.

  12. threz nothing wrong with pilato’s song..truth only and this is a democratic nation were is our freedom of expression ..

  13. Pilato am with u my man u hv done nothing wrong bro de truth hurts u just hv to understand dat guys

  14. Tabalanda Sana is out #Pilato_ewabakofye………

    How main likes For Pilato n Alungu anabwela n Tabalanda Sana songs. Reply comment with yo whats app to get the songs if u dont have them…..

  15. its such kind of madness that starts to divides the nation and brngs abt civil war. the song is demeaning to our head of state and we all know that and that can happen to any head of state if pilato is not dealt with next it will be other weed driven artists insulting hh,) or n1 else. is that the kind of expresson u want were artist can just insult whoever they want and u call it freedom of expression?. he wld have done it during campagn period if he so wished not ifyabupuba ifyo. let’s not support nuisanse in our country but wait for the right time and vote if we are not happy. let’s be mature in dealing wth issues “pilato I can’t wait to hear more of your trucks along side kanene from jail”

  16. That’s a great move bamucita bwino, artists should learn to respect the head of state. Its not freedom of speach but let us learn to contern the situation while we can coz its issues like ths that bring abt civil war,division and hatred in the country. How many musicians do we have?. He shld have saved it 4campain period or made his song less personal. Which state allows such?. Let’s not allow comfusion in our nation by tolerating such. If u aint happy wait for elections not ifyakulaituka kwati baice or as if we are so disorganised.

  17. that song was simply childish. had he wanted to do a song why ddnt he just come up with something new than remxing some1s track?. saves him right.

  18. How i wishthe so called whatever whatever could watch stand up comedy from the states and see how the Mike Epps the Martin Lawrence’s are free to talk,talk about freedom of speech.

  19. They say Zambia is a FREE DEMOCRATIC country, with all the freedoms that come with it. We will see from what will transpire from this.

  20. Pilato Pilato ECL is our presndnt lik o nt sam respct is ndd plz Pilato oky

  21. only those in opposition ar suportin dis idiotic song coz pipo lyk me who doesnt below 2 any party i can stil feel dat he desrespected our president in dat song,why insultin nd expect evryone 2 be happy in de country.pilato shud stop being sturbon coz boma ni boma u be dealt accordingly.

  22. its the orpotunity to meet the president big up to pilato dont worry pipo its the only way they wud invite him to the pariament to congratulate him 4 that song

  23. People petersen sang anyandule abweza ziko pansi he expressed his right of freedom as an artist now pilato with the him expressing his right of freedom at arested ba zed lets be fair let pilato

  24. why didn’t the same idiot pilato talk about william Banda the most violent politician why didn’t he talk about vj and some mmd mps dat are supporting the useless party lead by the dictator who doesn’t want a conversion check yourselves first

  25. F*ck dis sh*t, Zambia is da new United States.. Free 2 talk abt anything, wat da hell does democracy mean. *ss!

  26. Has He Been Arrested? Has Austin Liato Been Acquited? Me Iam In The Dark.Up Date Me.

  27. i truly luv pilato for ths coz he only spok nothin bt th truth,u jst hav to tek it #basakalanyongo impi

  28. that’s the truth caming frm a Zambian yourth…let yo voice b head Mr.Pilato tototo

  29. i love pilato bt wat his doin is ok bt his doin it in a wrong way,plz pilato do it in a right way.

  30. Sometimes Zambians can really irritate me 2 the degree that I wish I was neva born a Zambian,surely what’s the meaning of freedom of speech in a demacratic nation? George Bush was insulted directly by various rappers,Eminem was amonst em,but I’v neva heard police issuing arrests….this is why Zambia will neva develop.

  31. Zambia is not a dictatorship & we will never allow it to happen.Pilato was telling the truth.The same people they called corrupt,we voted them out & now they are bringing them back for what? These people are taking us for fools.

  32. Have you head the comments from the so called pf freedom fighters? If todays zambians would be of those of independence struggle bushe ngatwalipoka ubutungwa? Awe sure, kubwatabwatafye. Fili uko tuya. Lesa kumulu kaunda panshi. Within 90 days a zambian driven constitution will be ready becz am the man of action. Bring unanimal constitution so that i sign. Human being cannot be cheated always, in three years were is the man of action has never completed anything but ukubwatabwatafye. Power is like sand,the more you hold it the more you lose it.

  33. you ll be violeting pilato’s freedom of speech if u critisis his one shud be afraid to talk abt the countries illnesses

  34. But Na mupwa ba pilato don’t you have anything to sing mwalakakiwapo fye Na ba HH bashale. ViVa PF

  35. it wont go anywhere. Unless you say Alungu (not Edgar Lungu) is the only Lungu in Chawama. you guys are joking, the case might go to court and get discharged after 2 years.

  36. silly polices wit silly order,,,y not goin 2arrest pipo wit serious corruption crimes.let him be u foolz,hiz speakng de truth

  37. you arrest a man after he spoke his mind,and you claim it is a democratic country,let the musicians sing,President rule and the police force go arrest bandits and criminals not activists

  38. if Americans can insult Obama and no one is probed who is EL Jaguar. How many pipo is the so called police are going to probe coz even Afunika’s single u out. BA LUNGU BA LUNGUSHA.

  39. dey shud free him.guilty ones ar always first dey said misicians shud b speakin 4 da nation thru music.y arest hm nw.

  40. we all have freedom of speech n expression but whosoever goes above the law must face the lough of the law ……..BOMA at play manje.

  41. Yeah probe and teach him how to respect elders , his too disrespectfull.Kopala swagg will say yaleleba yeka. lol.

  42. There should be someone in politics behind his song influencing unfortunately we hear his voice, yes the President might be drinking but he deserves respect where we come from our parents drinks but we cannot insult them.yes there is freedom but there are also rules. Police investigate.

  43. Pilato, l may not like said but l WHOLEHEARTEDLY DEFEND your RIGHT to say it…! Guys Zambia is an incredibly FREE country, so please let’s keep it that way.

  44. The question i would ask him is were did you see the #Jameson? Kwasala #Afunika he also sang a chi song

    • Muli ba puba.. Did edgar lungu put himself there? people voted, and sure thing. start your campaign to see how far you will go. Nge nsoni..

    • You are a #big_fool where did you see me mention EDGAR LUNGU! Ubupuba idiot can’t you read?

  45. What happened to freedom of speech in this nation. Just because someone is president, it doesn’t mean they should be exempt from criticism. We live in a democracy, and in as much we understand that that is not even real control by the people, allow us to exercise the fake control handed to us. But you want to take even that away? Leave pilato alone, let the guy speak his mind, let the presidents actions speak for him. Why should others fight his battles. The lyrics of Pilato’s song can only be labelled defamation if they are false. Does the PF think Zambians are blind? We could be short sighted but not blind. The police should think of more constructive things to investigate, the ever rising corruption levels in this country, That little girl who was raped or murdered somewhere, Road accidents, thefts by public servants, the list is endless we really don’t have to be giving them a job description. Do not take away his right as a Zambian to express his opinion over the nations current state of affairs and what he thinks of the presidency.

  46. There is always a better way of expressing ur views towards something. What Pilato did was defamation of character… you dont just wake in the middle of the night n say watever n call it freedom of expression. Lol!

  47. Infact,by arresting him they are just making the song more popular.They should just have ignored him.So the truth hurts ka? Can our politicians survive in SA where Zuma is literally insulted day in day out?

  48. The Best The Police Shud Do Is To Arrest Who Ever Found Singing This Song Coz No One Can Be Excited With Such Rubish Masage


    • but did he see the bottle of jameson? should have included in his song things like volatile currency the embracing the simbaos and dora who were found wanting by our courts

    • We are not against him criticizing the government NOo!!! we’re against him coz his critic is too personal, Lungu can take him to court because his violated his right via the song.

    • Bufi….another one will be released very soon for petersen zagaze, more better than that one for pilato.wait and see….if u disagree with me,i can send u some photos of jameson beer in the suitcase.can i?

    • All those supporting dis man ar upnd cadres dats y yo hh will never rule zambia coz of dis man nd u blind upnd supporters