K96,000 highway robbery

armed robbery
armed robbery

BANDITS have ambushed a businessman of Mkushi on his way to Lusaka and grabbed K96,000 cash from him at gunpoint.
The robbery happened around 01:00 hours yesterday in Katuba area on the Great North Road, where two men armed with an AK47 waylaid the businessman identified as Danny Kapizya and fired gunshots in the air before they pounced on him and grabbed the money.
Central Province deputy police commissioner Edwin Bwanga, however, said swift action by police after the businessman reported the matter led to the arrest of four suspects and recovery of K76,000.
“As at now, we have four people in our custody in this attack. We are still investigating the matter,” Mr Bwanga said in an interview yesterday.
Mr Bwanga said among the suspects is the businessman’s driver believed to be the masterminded, a taxi driver whose vehicle was used to trail him and two men who waylaid him in Katuba.
Mr Bwanga said after the attack, the taxi driver and the other two men sped off from the crime scene.
Mr Bwanga said police first cornered the taxi driver whom they found with K6,000 cash and he led them to a hideout where the other three suspects were arrested.
He said the victim was travelling to Lusaka for business and he was not aware that he was being trailed.



  1. The good news is K76,000 was recovered n suspects nubbed. But moving with almost K100,000 in cash,at night…bad idea

  2. This is backwardness on the part of the business man. As a banker I don’t blame the bandits as per say but him

  3. If all the suspects have been cornered but part of the money is missing, it means the cops have rewarded themselves with a K20, 000. Typical of our uniformed thieves