Zambia hit by climate change-UN


The United Nations Development Programme -UNDP says adverse effects of climate change in Zambia are a reality as can be observed from the shifting weather pattern.


Inutu Himanje reports that UNDP Environmental Coordinator Winnie Musonda says climate change effects are forcing utility companies such as Zesco to increase load shedding due to decreased water levels in Zambia’s water bodies.

She emphasized that the impact of climate change on agriculture threatens the countries food security as noted in unpredictable and erratic rainfall pattern that resulted in damage to crops due to floods or drought.


Ms Musonda urged stakeholders to put up measures that will urgently help in mitigating the adverse effects of `climate change on not only the population but the economy as well.

Ms. Musonda was speaking at a capacity building workshop on the Intended Nationally Developed Contribution to the reduction of green house gas emissions as set by the UNFCC.

Speaking at the same occasion, Ministry of Lands and Environment Permanent Secretary Barnaby Mulenga there is need to address the effects of climate change.