Govt to curb revenue leaks at boarder posts


Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda says government is working at curbing revenue collection leakages at all border post country wide by increasing surveillance.

Mr Chikwanda says there is need for greater efforts in fighting smuggling and under invoicing of taxable imports.


He was speaking during the official opening of the modern Nakonde One stop Border Post in Muchinga Province.

Mr Chikwanda said the Nakonde Border Post which was constructed at the cost of over 42 Million Kwacha is a great source of tax revenue as it is a major link between Zambia, East Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.


He says the opening of the border post will ensure efficient and effective export and import facilitation.

And Zambia Revenue Authority Commissioner General Berlin Msiska said ZRA has advanced its implementation stage of rehabilitating border posts country wide in order to tighten security.

Mr Msiska says the renovation of the border post has not only enhanced trade between Zambia and Tanzania but also created job opportunities for the local people.