‘My kids’ll never play for Zambia’- Charles Musonda’s wife

Charly Musonda

FORMER Chipolopolo midfielder Charles Musonda’s wife, Angela says her children will never play for Zambia alleging that the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) is dysfunctional.
Angela said her children, Charly Junior, Lamisha and Tika, would never play for the national team because FAZ is dysfunctional and that the Zambian constitution does not allow dual citizenship.
She said this in response to Pearsen Ngulube, who wrote on Musonda’s Facebook page asking if his son’s will ever play and help qualify the Chipolopolo to the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Chelsea  Charly Musonda
Chelsea youngster Charly Musonda

“Mr Charly Cool, we really need the services of junior Charly in our national team, that boy will surely make us qualify to the World Cup 2018 in Russia because his skills can influence a lot of Chipolopolo players to even better their performances..Please, please ‘twapapata,” Ngulube’s posting read.
But Angela said Facebook was a wrong platform to discuss their sons, who were Belgians.
“Excuse us, wrong post to talk about our sons here. Apparently they are Belgian citizens and cannot play for mother Zambia. Don’t turn a blind eye on Zambia’s dysfunctional FAZ and the country’s constitution which doesn’t allow dual citizenship.
Not even our decision if at all everything was fine, but the boys! @Pearson Ngulube and many Zambians out there. We will always be proud Zambians ourselves. No one will take that away from us,” Angela responded.
On the same wall, Vincent Chilombo thanked Musonda for the services offered to Zambia during his time and insisted to know if his sons will ever play for the nation.


Lamisha Musonda
Lamisha Musonda

“Charlie. Thanks for all that you gave our beloved mother Zambia. This may be the wrong forum but I dare to ask: Are your sons ever going to play for our Chipolopolo?
I do believe we need them as much as we needed you. Whatever their decision, I will respect it. God bless you and your family. You have always done us proud,” Chilombo wrote.
Musonda responded that he could not change the Zambian law and the hypocritical mindsets of certain individuals.
“Vincent Mwansa Chilombo I hear you bro… We can’t change the law and the minds of some hypocrites. Silence is golden,” Musonda said.
FAZ communications manager Nkweto Tembwe declined to comment on the matter.


Tika Musonda, the middle sibling, in action for Chelsea Under 21s
Tika Musonda, the middle sibling, in action for Chelsea Under 21s

Meanwhile, the Mail Online, a United Kingdom publication, described the 17-year-old Charly as the most gifted of three brothers signed by Chelsea from Belgian side Anderlecht for a considerable sum in the summer of 2012 and the club retain great hopes for the younger two.
He has been compared with Eden Hazard, Andres Iniesta and Xavi.
The eldest, 22-year-old Lamisha, is a diminutive but quick winger who moved to Belgian side Mechelen on a free transfer back in January after making just a handful of appearances for Chelsea’s Under 21 team.
Tika, the middle sibling 20-year-old, is a powerful centre-half who can also operate in midfield and has featured sporadically in Chelsea’s Under-21 team over the last couple of years.

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  1. They are more talented to play for zambia under the leadership of Kalusha,for them to sign for chelsea it means a lot and haters will still look for bad things in them well done to be their mother.

  2. kwati u were born kubuzungu..u stayn kubuzungu dznt mek u white either.talent pa zed ninseke mumyungu

  3. People learn to understand things here, she said they(sons) llnever play04 zambia due to the fact that zambian constitution does not allow dual citizenship n Faz’s disfunctional

  4. Playing for national gives pride we don’t need them we have enough talent we we’re champions let them b there and feel the rough of racism ask Ghana

  5. The time Charles Musonda left Zambia our population was less tgan 10 million. Now we are 13 million plus excluding you and your sons. Do you really think we mind…..??????
    Nigger plizzzzzzzzz…..

  6. We ve got more than enough talent ready to play for Zed. So you can have your sons play for who ever you want , we are not affected in any way. Just like your husband swore never to play for Zed and we went on to win the africa cup without your family. So please before you think your family is all there is in soccer, think again…….

  7. She has her reasons…..she probably knows FAZ under the current leadership too well to risk her children’s carreers…

    Remember what happened to Lucky Msiska when he briefly came back?….any reason why Stone Nyirenda doesn’t come…..

    If you want to know how a crocodile lives in water…ask the hippo!

  8. YaH! let me tell this woman that Zambia is growing and developing very fast. We are very happy here socially, economically and football-wise. We won the Africa cup without you, your sons and your husband. we do not need them. when your husband was a footballer he never used to come and play for Zambia. Yes he was good but selfish. You as his wife is not known at all here. You are just junk. That is probably the reason why you are talking on behalf of your children who are old enough to talk for themselves. useless. Your children maybe Belgiun but you are Zambian. Anyway, no need to belabour this issue. YOU HAVE JUST MANAGED TO DESTROY THE LITTLE RESPECT THAT THE PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA HAD FOR CHARLES. HE IS NOW HISTORY IN A NEGATIVE SENSE. STAY WELL

  9. Shame on you who just read the headlines without opening the link. These kids have a Belgium citizenship! Dont blame Mrs Musonda, blame the constitution in Zambia. If we had a dual citizenship, Zambia could have benefited. I know alot if Zambians kids here in Swiss playing for zurich, Young Boys and Basel and another one in Danmark plays for FC Copenhagen, but cant play for the national team coz takwaba Dual citizenship
    Football in Europe makes parents invest in so much, Time and Money, dont just comment what you dont knw.
    The musondas wont play for the national team as long theres no dual citizenship.
    Stop yapping and use your bundles wisely by opening the link.

  10. The Belgian National is too talented to have any place for the musondas..soon they will come begging..

  11. @chipalo-what charms are you talking about.if charms work in football then malawi or mozambique were going to have won world cup atleast.

  12. my dear mrs musonda, theres no better place than home, black is black ask yaya toure or ask samuel eto they will tell you about whites. so humble youself mama before you get disappointed by so called white/colured friends. we are so proud to be black and zambians………… infact……..

    • My dear Alberto Sinkala. They are Belgium citizens. Which means. Home is Belgium. Its has nothing to do with whites but their own choices. How hard is it for Zambians to understand simple issues ?
      You are the ones who will make it hard for our kids to visit Zambia.

    • You may be right but dont ever tell me or us that we cant understand simple issues. Do you even knw where musondas come from, whites will never appropriate anything from black pipo. Are both parents Belgium, they will remember zambia & u same pipo wont even remember them

  13. can someone give me a direct link to this woman so I give her a piece of advice, if she doesn’t want Zambia then Zambia doesn’t need her

    • Constitution….we need a new one..everything will be fine…without it we are as a nation we are doomed

  14. U ar even toking as if ؛ulewamya;u think ekuba u musungu.with or without yo support zambia wil owez b zambia.how do u insult the crocodile while the buts are stil in the water,we at times miss the blessings from God bcoz of our careless talking,otherwise all the best to the Musonda’s

  15. Well done madam good move u ve really done well our FAZ is very useless starting from that useless Faz president

  16. I don’t blame her…. at some point they wanted to but FAZ had their own issues…
    They are currently citizens of Britain.. and for those of you just blabbing, insulting and cursing… Zambia does not allow dual Citizenship…

  17. We Dnt even know them,(your kids)mum u shud b proud of we’re you are coming from, home is home.

  18. It is a known fact Charlie snr is under PG. Even after the Gabon disaster FAZ used to plead for this chap . I think ichimeko is in their blood. When the boy’s careers are finished, ZAMBIA will still be there and probably that’s when they will realise they are Zambian.

  19. White pipo kkkkkkkkkkk shame on u wen u die yo cacus will be brought back to zambia and all yo poor relatives ar here. Look at drogba he was raised in France but he is proud of his country and very rich , just because yo husband is not in gud boots with kalu……

  20. One thing just one thing wil bring u back to Zambia. By the way we dont need yo son, Zambia is very big n has alot of SONs!

  21. in every country fools like these always spring up so its nt a big deal , ask ghanians , south africans , its every where and its nt as if your kid is mesi or Ronaldo , will manage with larry bwalya and the likes thank you

  22. Home is home regardless of were u go,and for us we say all the best to the boys.

  23. Last time I heard most European FAs were instructing their national coaches not to select black players,so good luck to the boys

    • but it wont be automatic and after all the are just playing in soccer academy and cannot not much with our own juniors –

  24. Ela…. so what… we have a lot of Zambian tallent.. we dont need those Kids to come.. its called Zambia national team not Musonda and Sons national team

  25. Ati Kalaba?! You dont knw her kids, as long as u stil pray to Kalu. Charlie wil never allow his kids to come. Research before comment stop embarrasin urselves. Lol.

  26. this is what i love about zambians if those boys chose 2 play 4 zambia we could have been praising them but since the mother has said they will never play 4 zambia zambians start insulting the mum & the boys…yaba ala umuzambian temunobe

  27. My son is well talented and one day I have a dream that he will make our Zambia Proud!! Football is not about being a son of a soccer legend!!!! No!

    • Funny enough they are not even citizens of this country. So even 13 million plus people in zambia they aint included…….

  28. useless kalaba is better than yo children infact they re no the factor at their age still playing accademy football

  29. Don’t coment what you don’t know..a lot of us we lost our talent because of charms in Zambia and corruption..mama wish your children all the best and God’s guidance.

  30. First umulume icimeko,umukashi nankwe ukotoka ifyabupuba fye!! Ataa tukala tamba abena KALABA

  31. It is Zambian football that made your husband to be wre he is today without Zambian football maybe thre will be no kids to talk about playing football for Zambia…madam musonda thre no place like home..

  32. Tell this woman Zambia is not begging and please tell her we won the Africa cup without her sons, we have more than enough talent in Zambia…it just that we have a corrupt FAZ…so please give us a break…If you wish to be white you will never be white by insisting to entertain the white man…you are black and your blood is Zambian it’s a shame you are denying your own homeland, Y.O.U. A.R.E B.L.A.C.K period!!!!

    • Ba kings she knows what she talking about ubwanga pa zed am also facing same challenges

    • sorry our FAZ is to be blamed that boy came to play for Zed your stupid FAZ president denied him to play what do u expect Angela is very right guys blame your FAZ

      • bushe kanshi finshi Great Kalu amucita? learn to appreciate, jealous ibi. We dont need those modern slaves

    • sorry our FAZ is to be blamed that boy came to play for Zed your stupid FAZ president denied him to play what do u expect Angela is very right guys blame your FAZ

    • the problem is people dont open links to read. These kids dont have Zambian citizenship. Its that simple.