Maureen Mwanawasa tipped for UPND VP post

MAUREEN Mwanawasa
MAUREEN Mwanawasa

With the departure of RK, HH should appoint a person that will appreciate his image and the Party. Maureen Mwanawasa is just the best person to do that, says Chilufya Tayali.

This comes after the departure of former UPND  vice president for administration Richard Kapita to the Patriotic Front (PF)
“Maureen as a former First Lady, she is famous, so she has a brand which will make HH and UPND score on Gender participation. She will bring a very important region to dilute the Tonga thing (or tag if you like) at a very senior level,”

“Maureen is highly exposed to engage both the international community and local middle class (She has a remarkable class) .Maureen is of a good age as a woman to hold the future of the Party.
Maureen also seem to mix well with HH (which is why senseless people see intimacy but that can be ignored because it can be retorted),” Tayali wrote on his Facebook wall.


He also said Maureen was the best candidate as she was very intelligent and she had experience of running a Country which could help in the event that HH wins Presidency.

“Having had run an NGO and being a cultured woman she knows how to connect with the grassroot
Maureen is also appealing to grab the attention of the Public. So HH and UPND consider this woman, she might be just want you need,” he added.


  1. That is Tayali’s opinion and I wonder why you are using the word ‘tipped’. As much as we value madam Mwanawasa’s excellent capabilities, appointing her to such a key position will just gave PF ammunition to wage a tribal campaign against UPND,