UPND bids Farewell to comrade Richard Kapita

Richard Kapita, HH, Hichilema
Richard Kapita, HH, Hichilema

We would like to say goodbye to our dear vice president for administration Mr Richard Kapita. Mr Kapita has been a member of the party for a long time. We have fought hard battles together with comrade Kapita and walked the long walk with him. From the mountain peak in 2001 to another mountain peak in 2015 and the valleys in between.


Yes, the walk has been long and its only natural that some should tire. But we will walk on. Our walk is a life long journey. It wont even end when we form government. Our walk is a walk for a better Zambia.

We also take this opportunity to assure our members that the party in North western province and the nation at large remains very much intact. As you saw in the press, Mr Kapita left with only one other member, a councillor.


We also have many capable men and women who can fill the vacancy that Mr Kapita has left and take the party still to greater heights. Our national leadership is already working to quickly replace Mr Kapita. Announcements will be made soon.


Farewell comrade Kapita and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours. We will definitely miss your presence in the party. As they say ‘there are no permanent enemies and no permanent friends in politics, only permanent interests’. We will definitely enjoy your competition in the political field.



  1. That’s how it ought to be , not demonising one another because of political differences !