Subjects defend Mpezeni over illegal Mukula tree trading

Mukula tree timber
Mukula tree timber

Subjects of Senior Chief Madzimawe of the Ngoni Speaking people are saddened by alleged report attributed to some government officials and security wings Madzimawe and Paramount Chief Mpezeni, have been involved in the illegal trading of the Mukula tree.
The subjects say contrary to what has been alleged Paramount Chief Mpezeni and Senior Chief Madzimawe have in fact tirelessly spend their energies tracking down illegal tree-cutters and traders of the Mukula tree and in most cases have succeeded in intercepting some unscrupulous people who transport the wood from these trees from the Ngoni Chiefdom to Lusaka or other unknown destinations.

The chief’s subjects says the evidence of these efforts by Senior Chief Madzimawe is clear for everyone to see as His Royal Highness has constantly posted photos on his Facebook page, known as “GoGo Madzimawe”.
They state that5t the Office of the District Commissioner in Chipata can bear witness to the effort of Chief Madzimawe to stop this illegal cutting, trading or transportation of the Mukula tree at a time when the Zambia Police and the security wings have done nothing to help curb this illegal practice and business.

The Chief’s subject called upon President Edgar Lungu to immediately ensure Government officers who are involved in this malicious campaign to tarnish the name of Paramount Chief Mpezeni and Senior Chief Madzimawe are removed from the Chiefdom and that an inquiry must be made on the corrupt motivation.
This is contained in stated issued to Qfm News from Johannesburg by Isaac Mwanza on behalf of all concerned Ngoni people in Chipata and Lusaka.