K5,000 for defiling and impregnating 15 year old

Lusaka High Court

THE Chelstone Local court has order a 21-year-old man of Ng’ombe Township to pay Rosemary Binali of Mufulira K5,000 as compensation for defiling and impregnating her 15-year-old daughter.
Before senior court magistrate Bertha Zulu was Binali, 50, who sued Mangani Phiri for defiling and impregnating the plaintiff’s 15-year-old daughter.
In her claim, Binali told the court that Phiri defiled and impregnated her daughter who was at that time in grade nine.

“My sister who lives here in Lusaka offered to take care of my daughter whilst at school. One day I received a phone call that my daughter was pregnant. Then we arranged that I should travel to Lusaka,” Binali said.
Binali told the court that when she travelled to Lusaka, a family meeting was arranged where Phiri and his family were called and the defendant accepted responsibility of the pregnancy.
Binali told the court that when her daughter gave birth, Phiri and his family gave the baby a name meaning that Phiri’s family had accepted the responsibility too.
She told the court that despite all that, no material or financial support has been rendered to her daughter and the baby from the time she got pregnant to date.


Zambia Daily Mail


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