K3,000 compensation for affair with workmate’s wife.

Divorce Court

THE Chelstone Local Court has ordered a Lusaka-based Zambia National Service (ZNS) civilian staff to pay K3,000 as compensation for having an affair with his workmate’s wife.
Before Senior Presiding magistrate Hope Mwila was Francis Chisulo, 27, an agricultural assistant at the ZNS Airport camp in Lusaka who was sued by Bonaventure Mutale, 39, a radio operator at ZNS Airport camp in Lusaka for compensation for marriage trespass.
Mutale told the court that he married Rachael Mutale on August 8, 2008 and have two boys aged seven and one.

Mutale told the court that they lived happily until in November last year when he started receiving reports that his wife was having an affair with Chisulo.
“One day I received a text message from Chisulo’s sister who lives in Kabwe that the second child is not mine. I also used to receive calls that my wife was spotted in Chelstone and Chainda with Chisulo but every time I enquired about the reports Rachael always refused,” Mutale said.
Mutale said whenever he is out of town on duty, he continued receiving disturbing messages about his wife sleeping at Chisulo’s house.
“We all live in the camp and whenever I am out for duty, I used to receive messages from Chisulo’s sister and others that my wife was spending nights at Chisulo’s house,” Mutale said.
Mutale told the court that he sought audience with his wife, Chisulo and the ZNS commanding officer but to no avail.
He cited one incident on April 17, 2015 where his wife was found at Chelstone Market in the company of Chisulo and another ZNS officer.

In his defence Chisulo denied having a relationship with Rachael, saying they were just neighbors in the camp.
“I know her (Rachael) as Mrs Mutale, the wife of my boss. I am not in any relationship with her and have never been. I was just surprised that on two occasions we were called to the administration office over the same allegations.
The court granted Mutale divorce on grounds of traces of unfaithfulness, no commitment, no communication and love in his marriage.
This was after he sued his wife Racheal, 29, for divorce.
The two had been married since August 8, 2008.

Mutale told the court that there has never been peace in their marriage from November last year and the two have since been on separation for a month.
Mutale told the court that his wife has been having an affair with his workmate and that every time he is out on duty, his wife would sleep out.
He said him and his wife were sat down on several occasions both as a family and at his workplace but to no avail.


Zambia Daily Mail