Kambwili sparking feelings of confusions and animosity – Kapika

Dr. B. Mwansa Kapika President – Workers and Peasants Party
Dr. B. Mwansa Kapika President – Workers and Peasants Party

I do not see any logic in the words from honourable Chishamba Kambwili that the revelations over US$ 192 dollar loan from the Chinese government, was a serious breach of confidentiality and therefore raising the impression of posing serious security risk to Zambia. There must be other factors which are relatively connected to the frictions being witnessed in Zambia’s political life today.

There is on one side a block involving what many may describe as “Free Press” under Fred M’membe and Prosecutor Nchito. The other side is under the command of such loose cannons as
Mr. Chishmba Kambwili. Mr. Kambwili has almost raised the matter to the level of treason.


In view of the present age of globalization and internet, such issues can no longer be regarded as classified.
We are all aware of the fact that it takes only a few minutes to come across the information over military expenditures, even from such super powers as the US, China and Russia. There is a Dutch proverb which I may quote, “van een mug een olifant maken” or “ to make a mountain out of an insect”. This words befits Mr. Chishimba’s unpredictable and dominative reactions. Which in my opinion is only sparking feelings of confusions and animosity from my fellow Zambians.
Both sides have failed to put in place what we expected in Zambia democracy. Both sides have failed what democratic principles envisioned for Zambia; to put the interest of Zambians forward. I am part of Zambia and power hungry politicians must crawl back to their villages. A leader is a servant of the people and not a dominative figure of anger and power who should be bowed down to.

Perhaps, it should have made a difference if Mr. Nchito and Mr. M’membe had considered resigning from their posts of Director Prosecutor in case of Mr. Nchito and Editor in Chief for the Post in case of Mr. M’membe. The people in such high influential positions have to be reminded that leadership is also a question of integrity. The English say, “where there’s smoke there’s fire.” Those accusations over the 38 billion Kwacha could be somehow justified. I cannot imagine someone functioning with a clear mind in view of such accusations.


A month ago two very powerful Dutch ministers responsible for the Justice and the Police to resign when they failed to explain the whereabouts of just a receipt which their predecessors 15 year ago made deal with a drug criminal. They would simply not do so because they were not there at that time and they had little information from their civil servants. When the deal was made one was a town mayor and the other was working as a prosecutor. But they felt that their integrity had been questioned and they would therefore not function to the expected level to provide credible leadership. Following the same democratic principles could strengthen enhance our democracy.

Dr. B. Mwansa Kapika