Patients are being kept in hospitals without food-Chisala


Deputy Minister for Community Development, Mother and Child Health Obvious Chisala has urged health authorities in rural health centers to give priority to the cost of feeding patients in their budgets.

Addressing health workers and stakeholders from the department of Social welfare yesterday during his fact finding tour at Samfya District Hospital, Mr Chisala said there is need for patients to be fed while they are admitted in hospitals.

He said Government is concerned with the health of its people hence the reason for his fact finding tour adding that he has received a lot of complaints that some patients are kept without food in some hospitals and health Centers.
Mr. Chisala advised health officers to be united and observe peace at their places of work after going through questionnaires with the hospital administrator and the acting Doctor in charge.

The deputy minister further cautioned the administrator to tighten security when it came to his attention that some patients carried hospital linen with them after being discharged.

And Samfya District Hospital Administrator Nkazana Ndhovu together with Kennedy Chiwala who was representing the Doctor in charge disclosed that like any other hospital the health institution also had some challenges of its own.

The deputy minister was also informed that the Hospital only has one Doctor attending to a population of about 114,000 people.

Samfya district hospital also has challenges like inadequate funding, shortage of staff accommodation and erratic funding resulting in the institution being run on credit.

The hospital authorities further appealed to the Government to see how best it could tackle some of the challenges that the institution faces including clearing a debt of K30,000 owed to Luapula Water and Sewerage Company.