Police shoot, wound two Chinese nationals in Lusaka

Police gun robber
Police gun robber

Police have shot and wounded two Chinese nationals for alleged criminal trespass and poaching in Lusaka’s Casavera farms.

Lusaka Province Police Commissioner, Charity Katanga confirmed the incident.

On Wednesday Police set an ambush at 22 hours in Casavera farms in Makeni where they caught four Chinese nationals poaching on Dirk Jan Muks’ farm.


This was after Muk’s, owner of the farm, reported the matter to the police that some people have been shooting animals on his farm.Two of the four Chinese were then shot and wounded while trying to escape from the police.


The police arrested the other two namely Liu Wing and Lill Bing.

Ms. Katanga said a pistol and shot gun where recovered after a thorough search.She added that the Chinese were also found with four Owl carcasses in the Toyota Harrier.

She told ZNBC News in telephone interview that the two Chinese are currently admitted at the University Teaching Hospital While the other two are in police custody.

And Chilanga Member of Parliament Keith Mukata said theft should not be condoned.Mr. Mukata who is also Justice Deputy Minister said he will ensure that case is thoroughly investigated.




  1. Good for then it actually doesnt matter the race but we all know poarching is illegal and trespassing aswel but u go ahead and do it then u blame police? Should have just shot them dead

  2. For hunting or trespassing? I think our Wo/Men in uniform needs to start working professionally ie firing WARNING shots before arming at a human being ( the victims can be any of US, Zambian or foreign national ) Sad for the China men.