Njeulu declares his candidature on PF ticket for 2016 in Sinjembela

File Pic-Poniso Njeulu

Western Province Minister Poniso Njeulu has declared his candidature on the ruling Patriotic Front-PF ticket for 2016 general elections in Sinjembela constituency.

Addressing about 500 people at Natukoma Day Secondary school ground yesterday, Mr Njeulu said that he is ready to face his other political opponents in the forthcoming 2016 general elections under the PF ticket.


Mr Njeulu encouraged all UPND, MMD and ADD members in the constituency to do the right thing by defecting to the ruling party as it is the only party where people can get development.

And at the same meeting, Mr Njeulu announced the appointment of the former District Administrator in the Chiluba regime Dominic Simuchinga as the new PF Shangombo District Political Secretary in a bid to strengthen party mobilization in the area.


He said that at the moment, he chose a right thing by joining and supporting the ideologies of PF as a result  Sioma – Shangombo road will be tarred under the link Zambia 8000 road projects.

Mr Njeulu who is also Sinjembela constituency Member of Parliament promised the people that government will not let them die of hunger as everything possible was being done to ensure that relief maize is brought to feed people in the constituency.

He said the maize once brought will be shared to everyone who needs help regardless of their political affiliations in the area.


Mr Njeulu said the leadership of President Lungu is an all-embracing one which seeks to ensure that the lives of people in the country are protected.

He further said the relief maize should also carter for community school teachers as parents cannot afford to pay them owing to the high poverty levels that have hit many households in the constituency.

Meanwhile, Mr Njeulu has requested PF members to form branches in a bid to strengthen the PF structures at the grass root.


He added that it is only by the formation of strong and working structures that can make it possible for the party to defeat its opponents in the 2016 general elections.

But UPND strong supporter, Sililo Mwakamui said the top PF leadership should desist from chasing members from other political parties who are willing to join the ruling party in the area.

Mr Mwakamui said hate speeches being expressed by some PF members in the area were scaring away genuine members from various opposition political parties to join the party (PF).

He said PF is growing in the locality.

The Western Provincial Minister is inspecting government projects in Western province.