D-Day for Tayali: Court to deliver verdict on May 29

Chilufya Tayali
Chilufya Tayali

Zambian Voice Director Chilufya Tayali has closed his defense in a case where he is accused of having raped Ruth Zulu.

The accused was placed on his defense after being found with a case to answer by Lusaka magistrate William Banda.


And on Wednesday Mr. Tayali presented his niece Chipasha Wantuka as his one and only witness.

Chipasha told Lusaka magistrate William Banda that she was a friend to the victim.

She told the court that Ruth Zulu told her that it was Not her initiative to take Tayali to court, but her boyfriend’s.

Chipasha claimed that the victim apologized to her for having dragged her uncle to court.


She said Ruth might have accepted to drag Tayali to court to save her relationship with the man she was engaged to as well as her name in the family.

Mr. Tayali however had difficulties cross-examining the witness as the court did not agree with the manner he was asking the questions.


This forced the accused to abandon some of the question that he wanted to put across.

In this matter Mr. Tayali has denied raping Ruth insisting that the two had consensual sex intercourse.

The Lusaka Magistrate William Banda has set May 29,2015 as judgement date.

He has however allowed Mr. Tayali and the state to make written submission.