Grand Coalition joins UPND May 14th constitution protests

FODEP Exective Director Mr McDonald Chipenzi
FODEP Exective Director Mr McDonald Chipenzi

The Grand Coalition on the Campaign for the People Driven Constitution has confirmed participation in the opposition UPND’s countrywide May 14 constitution protests.
Coalition spokesperson MacDonald Chipenzi says for the fact that the opposition UPND is a member of the Grand Coalition its protests are also part of the Grand Coalition’s activities.

Mr. Chipenzi has explained to Qfm News that it is therefore difficult for the entire Grand Coalition to distance itself from the activities of its constituent member that takes a proactive role.
He says this is especially that the Grand Coalition has resolved not to be ever interested in any piece meal amendments to Zambia’s constitution and will thus do everything possible to stop maneuvers that are meant to validate or authenticate the move government wants to take with respect the enactment of the country’s new constitution.

The Grand Coalition spokesperson has disclosed that to this effect his Coalition has put every option on the table in addition to the instruction it has given to its members to be proactive in this endeavor of stopping government’s planned constitution engineering.
He says this entails that Grand Coalition members can take any action they deem fit will compel the Patriotic Front government to listen to the people’s demand.



  1. I will be with the Government. I pray that they deny this grand confusion to protest over cow dung.