Tayali is a serial woman abuser, he has added me to the list – SABOI

Saboi Imboela
Saboi Imboela

Zambian songstress, Saboi Imboela has taken a swipe at Voice Director Chilufya Tayali who is currently facing rape allegations. The two have been exchanging words over Facebook and in this latest round, Saboi hits back, exposing how Tayali has been abusing women.

Saboi wrote on her Facebook wall:

It is not enough that Tayali abused his ex wife until she divorced him. This woman, who is a Burundi national, was working at Evelyn Hone College during the course of their marriage and if u want to hear the kind of abuse she went thru, just get someone from Evelyn Hone who knew her and you will be shocked.

I’m sure even neighbours or anyone close to them at the time can testify to this. It’s a shame that men like him are allowed to abuse women all their lives without society or the state intervening to protect our women and children. This is the kind of information that even the courts should be having to determine the complete profile of the human being that they are dealing with. I’m still very shocked at what I have been told that he used to do to her.


Some men are just plain evil and really don’t have respect for themselves and any woman. This man thinks that women are not human beings, and this is common for men like him. It is not enough that he is in court for allegedly raping a woman, he has gone ahead to further victimise her and post her wedding photos just to humiliate her even more. He has, from the onset, declared himself innocent even when the matter is still in court and painted the woman as a liar and prostitute, yet he was doing worse things. And now, to the list of women he abuses daily in his life, he has added me. What is my crime?

My only crime was to tell him to stop mobilising people on social media to further humiliate this woman. This woman has gone through enuff and we also just need the due process of the law to be respected than some people tell us who is right and wrong, I think that’s the duty of the court to tell us that since the case is still in court. I hear that Tayali started his manoeuvres to attack me and mobilised his usual cohorts yesterday to do that.


Well, since I never read such rubbish, I would just like to tell Tayali that people have sent me all the details about his abuse on his ex wife and other women and I know where to send that information where it will be most useful. It’s like he doesn’t even know what’s wrong or right when it comes to treating women and children. I have names and situations that may be of interest to come out or be followed up with. Society should, as much as possible, treat men like Tayali in a mental assylum like Chainama or other good hospitals for such behaviour because he is a real danger to society and women. If a man can attack a woman the way he did with me publicly, I shudder to think what he can do to a woman privately, especially if he has even paid money for a room that such a woman is to sleep in. Tayali thinks that he’s God’s gift to women in distress so that he manipulates and abuses them in their vulnerable conditions. I have news for u Mr. T, im NOT one of your usual women that u abuse.

I CAN NEVER let allow a guy like u to do what u do to women, who to u are not human. I will take u on and convince some of the people u have abused to also come out in the open so that people really understand what we are dealing with here. We can’t have lunatics parading as normal human beings and endangering the lives of women and girls out there. I repeat, my support for Ruth and a fair trail for both of u shud not warrant any attacks from u. If it were Ruth doing that to u I would also tell her the same thing. And like what most people are saying, out of all the people that have seen through u and others actually condemning u, why have u picked on only me?


And u think I will stop??? The only person who can stop this is u when u stop writing about the case in that prejudiced manner. As long as u attack Ruth, we shall be there to defend her and defend her real good- trust me on that one. Some of us are just so tired of your rantings and serial abuse of women and we want u to take a chill pill and let the law take its course. I’m sure that’s NOT too much to ask.


  1. Mmmm I think people should find better ways of seeking attention….taking up a a noble cause shouldn’t be done with anger and malice…..