It’s difficult for chiefs to reject whisky, dollars – Mpezeni

whisky, dollars
whisky, dollars

MPEZENI, the paramount chief of the Ngoni people of Eastern Province, says it is difficult for traditional leaders to reject whisky, dollars and other gifts from politicians during elections campaigns. Reacting to President Edgar Lungu’s appeal to politicians not to offer traditional leaders whisky and dollars next year during election campaigns in a bid to win votes from them, Mpezeni said such gifts should never be in exchange for votes. “Kuliye munthu ekana thandizo.

Kuliye chungu cha ndalama, munthu akapasa mfumu ndalama ndiye kuti wayethula. Kaili othandiza kholo yake. (There is no one who rejects help.  There is no garbage site for money where we can go and pick from. When someone gives a chief money, it means he is helping his parent),” Mpezeni said. “Koma ngati wakupasa ndalama munthu lomba akuti uvotele neo, izo yai.

Uko nikulakwa ayo nimau lini yabwino. Ngati wapeleka munthu, akuti yayi lekani nibape chakuti chakuti amfumu, ndiye kuti wanigula ngati? Sananigule yai, koma anipasa kulingana nakuti neo nine mfumu yake. (If someone gives you money and says you must vote for me, that is wrong.


That is not a good message. If someone brings help saying, ‘Let me do this and that for my chief’, it does not mean that he has bought me. He has not bought me, he has helped me because I am his chief).” He agreed with President Lungu’s call to citizens to help their traditional leaders. “Mafumu ofuna mang’anda. Boma nakale nakale yufunika kuyangana maningi mafumu, mafumu yofuna thandizo kanyinji chifukwa chakuti nao oyangana pa mavuto yabanthu bao. (Chiefs need houses.

The government is always expected to look into the plight of chiefs often because the chiefs are also looking at the problems of their people),” said Mpezeni. President Edgar Lungu on Wednesday said many politicians next year would be offering  chiefs whisky and dollars in a bid to win their votes ahead of the general elections.

The Head of State further said the chiefs needed houses and urged citizens to help the government to make their traditional leaders live comfortably.   – See more at:

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