I am the one who should be bitter-Saboi

Saboi Imboela
Saboi Imboela

“Ati Owas holds no grudge or isn’t bitter? If you have a brain, sincerely who should hold a grudge between the two of us?In case you are failing to reason, it’s me who should be bitter and I am not. It’s me who should have a grudge, and I don’t,” says Saboi Imboela on her facebook wall.

This came after numerous attacks on social media over the arrest of her former husband, Owas Mwape who was however, released from prison yesterday.

Earlier on, Mwape had told Mwebantu New Media moments after his release from prison that he held no grudge against his Ex-wife, celebrated music songstress, Saboi Imboela over his predicament.

Responding to this via social networks, the public began to attack Saboi, labeling her heartless and inconsiderate for allowing the father of her children to go jail.

Some people even went to the extend of attacking her based to tribalism.

Saboi, through he Facebook page said, “Everything in Zambia has become so tribal and political. I had/have avoided and still avoid to comment on the Owas issue due to it’s proximity. I will say this to a few overzealous tribalists who are turning this into a tribal discussion. Some disillusioned people now support or even accept nonsense according to which party or ethnic group one belongs to,” she wrote.

“That’s why your Tumfwenko was closed by facebook due to lack of proper reasoning and plain stupidity. Ati Owas holds no grudge or isn’t bitter? If you have a brain, sincerely who shud hold a grudge between the two of us?

“Who was a victim in all this and who warrants forgiveness? I have healed from this nonsense so don’t upset me again. I forgave Owas even before the case was concluded otherwise all things forged and grabbed from me could have been added to the case,” she added.

She revealed that she had tried everything to avoid the matter ending in court but had failed due to Owas’s unwillingness to apologize.

“You have no idea what I had to hold back and conceal from the case just so that he gets a minimum sentence. If I wanted to punish Owas would have been jailed for not less than 2 years. He went in simply because he refused to reason with me in good time and things got out of hand and out of my hands,”

“I tried my level best to ensure that the case never go as far as it went and for that I will always have a clear conscious. I did everything humanly possible to avoid a court case and everybody who was close to us like both our families, friends and even the police who also begged him to resolve issues, can testify to that,” read part of her post.

She advised Owas to focus on his children than being carried away by the social media audiences.

“I am happy that Owas is out and that he plans to be positive about life. I hope he sticks to that because a small, dull and uninformed audience that cheers u on to do the wrong thing has never helped anyone,”

“Welcome back Owas, and remember that your children need A FATHER, a fool’s gallery will never take anyone anywhere,” Saboi said.