Muslims condemn SA Xenophobia

South Africans Entrenched in Xenophobic Violence
South Africans Entrenched in Xenophobic Violence

The Makeni Islamic Society has strongly condemned the xenophobic attacks and killings that are currently going on in South Africa.

Jada Huzaifa who is Director of Dawah at Makeni Islamic Society,described the killings as horrendous, outrageous and unacceptable in today’s modern society and global village.

Mr Huzaifa said the killings of innocent people, abduction of defenceless girls, and murder of students in cold blood are atrocious acts that humanity must not condone.

“As Zambian Muslims, we declare these actions un-Islamic and will continue to speak against injustices affecting humanity”, he said.

Mr Huzaifa has since called for peace and harmony among African countries in the wake of xenophobia that has gripped Africa’s most advanced country.

Lately, some South Africans have gone on rampage killing foreign nationals claiming that they have taken their jobs and business opportunities.