Dr. Canisius Banda grieves wife, asks for our prayers

Mrs Alice Njovu-Banda Banda [...wife of Dr Canisius BANDA for 15 years]
Mrs Alice Njovu-Banda Banda [...wife of Dr Canisius BANDA for 15 years]

ON EARTHLY BURDENS [The Case for My Wife]:

…she is seated there in the picture.

She was with me only yesterday. Then suddenly her heart stopped beating normally. Darling, there is pain in my left shoulder, she cried. I can’t breathe.

Upon hearing those foreboding words of hers, I nearly fainted myself.

It was close to midnight last night that her heart failed, that my wife died. Just like that. Gone. Oh my God!

Just like my mother, she always stood by me. And just like my mother, she made me. I owe her.

…she was my love, my other half. Now a part of me is gone. Forever. I am a damaged man now, my soul irreversibly altered; though young, I am a widower now as the world calls such beings.

God help me.

…This is the passing of one of my two heroines. The meaning of all this I am yet to learn.

The grief I feel is so deep, words fail me. Thinking is difficult. This burden I carry is so heavy. Carry it with me, my friends.

Grieve with me, my dear and beloved friends. Pray for me.The journey must continue.

Lord, this is my prayer. Have mercy on my wife. Receive her. I beseech you Lord. Amen.

…It is well.

Her very last words to me were: ‘I love you’.

Farewell, my love! Farewell.

Kindly share this prayer, this dirge. Godspeed!

Dr. Canisius Banda