Police warns bridal parties

bridal party car

THE Zambia Police Service has advised people using vehicles during wedding and funeral processions to adhere to road traffic rules and regulations.
Police spokesperson Charity Chanda said in a statement yesterday that bridal parties should desist from sitting on car windows and standing up through sunroofs because doing so makes drivers lose full control of the vehicles.
“This also obstructs other road users as well as endangering people’s lives. Members of the public are being reminded that there is no law in this country which exempts people from committing offences simply because they are celebrating or conducting a procession,” Mrs Chanda said.
She said it is an offence for people not to obey traffic rules and regulations during any procession, including weddings and funerals.
“It is also the duty of the drivers of vehicles ferrying such passengers to make sure that they conduct themselves within the provisions of the law, failure to which such a driver will be charged accordingly,” Mrs Chanda said.
She warned that police officers countrywide will be on the lookout for motor vehicles with such passengers in order to bring sanity to roads and to protect people’s lives and property.

Credit-CATHERINE MUMBA,ZambiaDailyMail