Mweetwa Larry, HH, Hichilema
Mweetwa Larry, HH, Hichilema

UPND has won all ward bye elections in North Western,Western,Southern and 3 From Eastern Province.

If we still have doubting Thomases in our country, this is a serious work up call, UPND is growing each day. Our performance in sengahill and Masaiti was excellent.

PF have continued the dirty tricks of vote buying and abusing state resources, we know come 2016 the picture will be different.

In the history of our country,no political party has ever lost popularity like PF. We are so proud of our performance.

Most importantly we would like to congratulate Hon. Miles Sampa and Hon.J. Shakafuswa for conducting a civilised campaign with minimal violence.
This is the way a normal society should co exist. We ask our president to choose credible and sensible Campaign managers wherever such elections are taking place for the sake of maintaining peace.

We ask the president never to engage thugs with a barbaric attitude like Mwaliteta and HAPUNDA ,we all know how they killed their own cader in Livingstone for the love of money.

Once again kudos to Hon. SAMPA and Hon.Shakafuswa.

Mweetwa Larry


  1. Ba media u ar the ones creating enemity among the people who follow ur news the way u there any problem in what brother Larry did?is it a problem for the loosing team to congratulate the winning team?some things we find on the media do nt build us the youths bt instead they ar makin us hate each other,insult each other on the media,we would like to appeal to the medias in zambia atleast to report things that will unite us & comment sensible things that wil bring peace in our country we ar all one the sufferings ar the same

  2. indeed congratulations but pliz find solutions to the problems affectin mother zambia it seems pipo still trust yo capabilities