Zambia should graduate from depending on rains – Professor Chirwa

Clive Chirwa
Clive Chirwa

Engineer Professor Clive Chirwa has encouraged the government to consider building more dams that will be able to store water and not depend on rain for power generation.

Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) National Coordinator Patrick Kangwa is quoted saying the water resources for power generation, irrigation, domestic and other uses will significantly reduce in the coming months and this will call for enhanced water and electricity rationing throughout the country.

But Professor Chirwa says Zambia has been depending on rain water for a long time and that this is the time to create reserve dams that will store water in case of low rain fall.

Professor Chirwa, who is also former Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) Chief Executive Officer Professor, explains that once water levels are low, it is almost impossible to run most of the generators to generate power.

He says depending on the rains is yesterday’s technology saying Zambia should graduate from depending on rains and create more water reserve dams.


Credit – QFM NEWS


  1. This man is good in ideals but can’t imprement them.
    Remember the Zambia Railways,he was saying big things that can’t be done in a short period.
    Even though who ve achieved great things they started from small things